Yachts, motor cruising and Sanday

Orkney’s 70 or so islands string out for 45 miles making it an ideal location for yachts and pleasure boats. Sanday offers good sheltered anchorages in several bays however many are shallow. The list below provides details of 8 possible anchorages around the island but please note that this is general advice - please check your charts first before deciding where would be best for you and your boat. DSC 1512

Tied up to the Kettletoft mooring
Kettletoft Pier makes a good spot to set anchor for those looking to come ashore. Shower and toilet facilities are available free of charge on Kettletoft Pier and the village has two pubs within walking distance - the Kettletoft Hotel and The Belsair, both of which serve food.

If you're considering a sailing holiday to Orkney, it would be worth visiting the Orkney Marina's website which has a wealth of useful information and advice.

An Overture to Orkney (external link) by Peter Cumberlidge, is also worth a read and offers very useful guide to motor cruising to, from and around Orkney and includes a suggested itinerary and routes.

For more information and specific queries regarding visiting Sanday, please get in touch via the contact us page.


 Photo by Anna Halford