Where is Sanday?


Sanday Community School

Sanday Community School is a Junior High School catering for pupils aged from 3 to 16 years (Nursery to S4). It is also a Community Centre with excellent facilities such as a meeting room, swimming pool and fitness centre that are used by pupils and all of Sanday's residents. 

The community spirit is one of the strengths of the school.  It's ethos encourages both a caring attitude and a commitment to learning. Pupils achieve excellent examination results and the staff are determined to ensure each individual succeeds.

The wide age range gives older pupils the opportunity to take responsibility for the care of younger pupils, while small classes enable every child to work towards personal targets. Strong values and excellent support from parents ensure that pupils are characterised by their good manners and excellent behaviour. A very active Parent Council provides support to the school and opportunities for parents to be involved in the life of the school.

Throughout the year there are a wide range of after-school activities, trips and visiting events.  The school is rightfully proud of it's many achievements which include film-making, music, sports and artistic productions.  Sanday School has also formed a strong link with a school in Malawi and several exchange visits have taken place.

Further details of the school can be found on their own website Sanday Community School