Sanday Men's Shed

Its been said that Men's Sheds are like garden sheds - but bigger and more sociable, and Men's Sheds vary in size, shape and purpose just as much as garden sheds do.

Broadly speaking they are about doing practical things , making and mending but in a social rather than solitary setting where tools and knowledge and skill [ and stories and a bit of a laugh] can be shared . Some folk do their own projects and some work in groups and some prioritise the talking aspect of a Shed - accompanied  by tea, coffee, biscuits and cake .

On Sanday, a group of about 20 men of various ages, backgrounds etc got together and agreed it sounded like a good idea for the island, and Sanday Men's Shed was born .We have been ably supported in fund raising, and generally getting our act together by Magda Macdonald , the Sanday Wellbeing Coordinator.

The actual Shed needs a fair bit of work before it will be fit to use. Despite Covid, however, the process has begun. We have been fortunate in being given local support in provision of a site, and a building and also in really helpful local fundraisers. We have also been gifted a huge variety of tools from various sources. Work on refurbishing phase one of the building has started. This will be made up of a large workshop with windows looking out to the harbour and Kettletoft Bay and a smaller kitchen and common room for refreshment, chat and setting the world to rights.

After 2 years of Covid, a Mens Shed is more needed than ever on Sanday, for all that it can contribute to the social and physical life  of the island.

Stephen Murray