The Croft

The Croft

CroftBeforeTowards the end of 2011, Sanday’s Community Association gave permission to the Heritage Group to restore the croft on the ‘old’ Community playing field in Lady Village, on the land bounded by the Otterswick road and the north end road, close to the War Memorial, Fire Station, and Old Temperance Hall.

A small band of enthusiasts, led by Jim and Rona Towrie, volunteered for this work during the winter of 2011/2012. Jim and Rona have lived on Sanday all of their lives – Jim was brought up at The Mires in the south end and attended the South End School, while Rona’s home was Howland and her school was just down the road in Burness. The Croft has been a labour of love for them, and winter winds and snow have had no effect on their single-minded determination to create a building and an atmosphere that is within their living memory. Other members of the team enthusiastically embraced the project, and their work culminated in the opening day in May 2012.Halloween

Sanday Development Trust's Heritage Group is grateful to the island’s  Community Association, as well as to all of the many folk who called in to express their support and encouragement while the work was in progress. Thanks, too, to those who have contributed in some way, making windows and gate for example, and supplying items of furniture, material, equipment, and decorations.

It’s hoped that everyone – residents and visitors - will enjoy visiting The Croft. Please don’t forget to sign the Visitors’ Book and if you would likeGardening to leave a donation, we assure you that it will help us to maintain The Croft and Heritage Centre.