Annual Events

Sanday holds a number of annual events, covering a range of interests.

Burns Supper

The first big event of the year is usually the Burns Supper, which is organised by the Development Trust's Heritage Group. This usually attracts large numbers of people who enjoy the traditional supper, whilst being entertained by various invited guests who deliver the immortal memory, toasts and addresses. Poetry and musical renditions follow before a traditional dance concludes the evening.

Sanday Soulka

The Sanday Soulka Group aims to continue building on their fantastic successes every year since 2011 by organising a series of events over three weekends during the summer months.

The Soulka weekends for 2017 will be added here once details are announced. 

The line up for 2016 included guest speakers, music sessions, mock dolphin rescue, book launches, guided island tours, displays and sales of local produce, arts and crafts - further details of the year's events can be found at and on the Sanday Soulka Facebook page.

North Isles Sports Day

North Isles Sports Day takes place on a different island each year and comprises both adult and school teams.

Harvest Home

Another annual event which celebrates local produce is the Harvest Home supper. This event, usually held in October, serves up a two course meal to all guests, which is no mean feat for the hard working group of volunteers, who normally serve over 150 people. The dinner is followed by guest speakers and a traditional dance to finish off the evening.

soulka feast 2015

Soulka Feast 2015