Sanday Enterprises and Sanday Renewables – The trading arms of the Trust

Sanday Enterprises Community Interest Company (SECIC).

In 2010 a trading subsidiary of the Trust was established - Sanday Enterprises Community Interest Company (SECIC).

Sanday Enterprises operates the local bus service, which serves passengers who embark/disembark the ferry service linking Sanday to mainland Orkney.

During 2011, the service was expanded to include 'The Sanday Experience', island tours for visitors. This service operates regularly on Wednesdays throughout the summer, and includes lunch and a tour of the island with local guides. Further details can be found on the Sanday Experience page.

In 2012, an additional service was introduced to serve shops, Post Offices, the Reuse Centre, etc. running every Tuesday by prior booking. This service also allows for an opportunity to stop for lunch at the Heilsa Fjold café. 

SECIC was set up using the Community Interest Company structure to ensures that any profits from trading activities are either re-invested into the company or donated to the Development Trust, and that any assets are 'locked ' into the Trust and cannot be sold for individual gain, even if the company is dissolved.

Sanday Renewables Community Interest Company (SRCIC)

Sanday Renewables is also a Community Interest Company with its assets locked to the Trust. SRCIC, which is wholly owned by Sanday Development Trust, was established to embark on a co-venturing agreement with SSE in the rebuilding and extending of the Spurness Wind Farm. SRCIC took responsibility for 10% of the set-up costs and now, after the annual loan repayment and interest is deducted, is benefiting from a healthy income from the wind farm.

This income is used by the Trust to fund its core activities, paying or contributing towards salaries, contributing to the running costs of Heilsa Fjold and the Heritage Centre, supporting community groups and contributig towards the cost of major projects in partnership with external funders.