Care for Sanday

The Care for Sanday Group are a group of residents who are enthusiastically trying to work towards establishing very sheltered housing here on Sanday and operate as a sub-group of Sanday Development Trust.

The group is particularly inspired by Kalisgarth on Westray. Kalisgarth stands as testimony to what can be achieved when the community comes together to establish a care home/respite home and also includes a day care centre, a safe and hygienic space for visiting health specialists and so much more. 

A facility such as this on Sanday would not only enable residents who require 24 hour care to remain on the island that is their home, surrounded by family and friends but would also offer a wide range of local employment opportunities at a variety of skill levels, enabling existing islanders to obtain employment as well as attracting new families to Sanday.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time and skills in support of the project, please contact Pauline Herickson (her number is in the Survival Guide) for an informal chat.

Steering Group Members

Johanna Burridge
Pauline Herickson                     Chair
Sheila Sabin
Imogen Sawyer
John Shiner
Sandra Towrie                          Secretary
Tracy Willing                            Vice Chair