Care for Sanday

The Care for Sanday Group are a group of residents who are enthusiastically trying to work towards establishing a care home here on Sanday and operate as a sub-group of Sanday Development Trust.

The group is particularly inspired by Kalisgarth on Westray. Kalisgarth stands as testimony to what can be achieved when the community comes together to establish a care home/respite home and also includes a day care centre, a safe and hygienic space for visiting health specialists and so much more. 

A facility such as this on Sanday would not only enable residents who require 24 hour care to remain on the island that is their home, surrounded by family and friends but would also offer a wide range of local employment opportunities at a variety of skill levels, enabling existing islanders to obtain employment as well as attracting new families to Sanday.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time and skills in support of the project, please contact Pauline Herickson (her number is in the Survival Guide) for an informal chat.


February 2016

The care home open meeting at the end of October had a very good turn out with over 20 people attending at Heilsa Fjold. As well as providing an opportunity for people to ask questions and clarify intentions, a steering group was set up to explore and develop options for 24 hour care provision in Sanday. Since then the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer have been appointed and the group are in the initial stages of developing the project.

The recent Sanday Plan questionnaire indicated that many island residents supported the idea of a care home in Sanday. However it’s really important that, as an island, we can clearly demonstrate to others (such as Orkney Care and Health and potential funders) the strength of this local support and the overwhelming need for such a facility - not just for those who require 24 hour care but also as a source of local employment, for the potential cost savings to the local NHS and also to enable families to remain on Sanday, rather than needing to move away to be near loved ones.

And this is where we need your help...

During the week commencing Monday 8th of February, a team of volunteers will be visiting every household on Sanday in order to provide every resident over the age of 16 with a short (just 3 questions plus a space for comments) questionnaire. It’s really important that each person gives their opinion so please complete one questionnaire per person, rather than one questionnaire per household. A volunteer will then return the following week to collect all responses. Additional copies can be requested when the surveys are dropped off or collected and can also be downloaded here.

We do hope everyone can take just five minutes to make their opinion known and we would like to stress that all individual responses will be kept confidential. The property name at the top of the questionnaire is purely to allow us to make sure we’ve heard back from every household and envelopes will be available from the person providing/collecting your questionnaires.

If anyone has any queries regarding the project, requires assistance with their questionnaire or would like to volunteer their time to assist, please contact Pauline Herickson.

Steering Group Members

Naomi Black                       Secretary

Johanna Burridge

Sheena Evans

Pauline Herickson                Chair

Sheila Sabin

Imogen Sawyer                  

John Shiner

Sandra Towrie

Evan Williams

Tracy Willing                       Vice Chair