Community Council

Following the securing of funding, Sanday is part of the Empowering Communities Project, managed by Orkney Islands Council (OIC).

The iniative has been developed to investigate opportunities for Community Councils to participate in the design and delivery of a number of services currently provided by OIC. The majority of Orkney's Community Councils currently maintain kirkyards and this project will see Community Councils involved in shaping and delivering a range of other Council services, which could include (subject to consultation): road maintenance; pier operations and maintenance; airfields; refuse and recycling; transport and property maintenance.

It is hoped that such local input could provide a new way to support and develop communities across Orkney, developing services which are more responsive to local demand whilst also creating a more efficient means of delviery for the Council.

The Island Link Officer role encompasses the post of Community Council Clerk and all Community Council queries should be forwarded to them.

Island Link Officer for Sanday: Ms Gail Speers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Minutes of Community Council meetings are currently only available via the Orkney Islands Council website.