Community Association

Sanday Community Association provides recreation and leisure facilities and activities for island residents and visitors to improve their quality of life. Membership of the Association is open to all island residents aged 16 and over. At the AGM, which is usually held in November each year, a committee is elected to ensure the smooth running of the facilities and organisation of events.

Office Bearers
• President – Margaret Dearness
• Vice President – May Allan
• Treasurer – Pauline Smith
• Secretary – May Allan 
• Letting Officer – Irene Brown

Elected Committee Members – Margaret Phillips, Sylvia Thorne, Heather Collinson, James Muir, Kaye Towrie & Caitrian Leslie.

Keyholders of all the organisations who use the community facilities are encouraged to attend the meetings (which are held approximately every 6 weeks) in order to put across the point of view of their user group.